12. Securing Australia’s Future: Program Review

As a conclusion to the overall Securing Australia’s Future program, ACOLA conducted a review to collate findings from each of the twelve SAF projects and combined these into a summary report.  It also sought to create a book which examined the body of research conducted through the SAF program and drew out common themes that had emerged through each of the individual projects.

As an interdisciplinary research program delivered to support public policy-making, the SAF program is unique in the Australian research landscape. Delivering the program has enabled research participants and key stakeholders to identify a series of lessons learned for interdisciplinary research management. From these ACOLA has developed methodologies for managing interdisciplinary academic work and validated those against comparable programs internationally.

Final report

On 30 June 2016 the Program Review was submitted to the ARC. This included the SAF12 report, Securing Australia’s Future Program: Summary and two background papers. These are now available:

ACOLA also produced a Securing Australia’s Future book, Harnessing interdisciplinary research for innovation and prosperity written by Simon Torok and Paul Holper. This was published by CSIRO Publishing in June 2017.