9. Translating research for economic and social benefit – Country comparisons

There is an identified urgent need for Australia to improve the application of outputs from its investment in publicly funded research. Utilising country comparisons, this project will analyse international best practice approaches to encouraging and facilitating research translation, commercialisation and collaboration. This will include an analysis of measures to facilitate collaboration between researchers, businesses and other organisations, focusing on government strategies as well as industry, institutional and sectorial approaches. The resulting report will make evidence based findings about how current levels of translation, commercialisation and collaboration in Australia could be improved and examine how international models could be applied in Australia.

Final Report

Translating research for economic and social benefit – Country comparisons, launched by Professor Ian Chubb AC FTSE at Parliament House on 27 November 2015, is now available:

Expert Working Group

Dr John Bell FTSE (Chair)
Professor Mark Dodgson FASSA
Professor Paul Gough
Professor Les Field AM FAA
Professor Tom Spurling AM FTSE
Professor Beth Webster 

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