The Role of Energy Storage in Australia’s Future Energy Supply Mix


Delivered as a partnership between Australia’s Chief Scientist and ACOLA, the Energy Storage project studies the transformative role that energy storage may play in Australia’s energy systems; future economic opportunities and challenges; and current state of and future trends in energy storage technologies and their underpinning sciences.

The project examines the scientific, technological, economic and social aspects of the role that energy storage can play in Australia’s transition to a low-carbon economy over the coming decade and beyond.


Final report

The project report The Role of Energy Storage in Australia’s Future Energy Supply Mix, launched at 11:00am on Monday 20 November 2017 in the Senate Alcove at Parliament House, Canberra, is available here.

Expert Working Group

  • Dr Bruce Godfrey FTSE (Chair)
  • Professor Robyn Dowling
  • Professor Maria Forsyth FAA
  • Professor R Quentin Grafton FASSA

Additional Resources

Office of the Chief Scientist Occasional Paper: Taking charge: The energy storage opportunity for Australia.