Deployment of Artificial Intelligence and what it presents for Australia

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more advanced its applications will become increasingly complex and will find their place in homes, work places and cities. AI offers broad-reaching opportunities, but uptake also carries serious implications for human capital, social inclusion, privacy and cultural values to name a few. These must be considered to pre-empt responsible deployment.

With AI identified as a CSC priority, this study would explore the opportunities, risks and consequences of broad uptake and collate evidence on the economics, social perspectives, research capabilities and environmental impacts. The study’s overarching key findings will be presented to inform government decisions and policy making over coming decades.

Media release announcing project.

Expert Working Group

Professor Toby Walsh FAA
Professor Neil Levy FAHA
Professor Genevieve Bell
Professor Anthony Elliott FASSA
Professor James Maclaurin
Professor Iven Mareels FTSE
Professor Fiona Wood AM FAHMS