7. Australia’s Agricultural Future

Agriculture is an important part of the Australian economy and an area of significant comparative advantage. Agriculture can post major successes in developing and adopting innovations and new technologies particularly in dry land cropping, pasture-based production systems and biosecurity arrangements that protect against pest and disease incursions. The essence of our comparative advantage is our reputation as a producer of clean, green, safe, affordable, sustainable and ethical food and other agricultural products. Optimising production whilst maintaining our unique capacity and reputation both nationally and internationally is the critical challenge that will be explored by this study.

Final Report

Australia’s Agricultural Future, launched by Professor Ian Chubb AC FTSE at the CSIRO Discovery Centre on 27 July 2015, is now available:

Expert Working Group

Dr Joanne Daly FTSE (Chair)
Professor Kym Anderson AC FASSA
Professor Rachel Ankeny
Professor Graham Farquhar AO, FAA, FRS
Professor Bronwyn Harch FTSE
Professor John Rolfe
Professor Richard Waterhouse FASSA, FAHA

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