The Future of Precision Medicine in Australia

Recent technological advances have enabled assembly of a wide range of data about an individual’s genetic and biochemical makeup, as formed by their genes, environment and lifestyle. While medicine has always had personal and predictive aspects, precision medicine allows health and disease to be viewed at an increasingly fine-grained resolution, attuned to the complexities of both the biology of each individual, and the variation among the population.

ACOLA’s precision medicine project will explore the current trends in precision medicine technologies and will explore the role that a broader implementation of precision medicine capabilities may play in the Australian context.

Expert Working Group

  • Professor Robert Williamson AO FRS FAA FAHMS (Chair)
  • Professor Warwick Anderson FAHA FASSA FAHMS
  • Dr Stephen Duckett FASSA FAHMS
  • Dr Carrie Hillyard FTSE
  • Professor Emma Kowal
  • Professor John Mattick AO FAA FRSN FAHMS
  • Professor Catriona McLean FAHMS
  • Professor Kathryn North AM FAHMS
  • Mr Adrian Turner

additional resources

Office of the Chief Scientist: Gene Editing and CRISPR