The National Academies Forum

The National Academies Forum (NAF) was established in 1995 as the peak organisation for the four Australian Learned Academies. It was succeeded in 2010 by the Australian Council of Learned Academies. NAF engaged in a series of symposia and produced interdisciplinary reports and workshops on issues of key importance to Australia.


Rediscovering Recherche Bay
Edited by John Mulvaney and Hugh Tyndale-Biscoe, 2007.
Beautiful Recherche Bay in southwest Tasmania came to prominence only recently, but its significance to Australians goes back more than two centuries. This book explores the historical, scientific and cultural significance of Recherche Bay.
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Reports and Workshops

Understanding the Formation of the Attitudes to Nuclear Power in Australia
Media release
Full Report
April 2010

Impacts on scholarship, research funding and publication
Seminar on Excellence in Research Evaluation
8–9 September 2009.

Darwin’s ape and the progress trap
Public lectures by Ronald Wright
Melbourne, Darwin, Canberra, Hobart, Sydney
March–April 2009

Inaugural Conference of Universities Australia
Events in conjunction with the Inaugural Conference of Universities Australia
4–6 March 2009

Innovation system review workshop (by invitation only)
A National Scholarly Communications Forum workshop
11 September 2008

Innovation systems, innovation policy and the future of university-industry knowledge exchange
A public lecture on innovation policy and the Cutler Review
14 August 2008

A celebration of the history, culture, science and technology of Recherche Bay
CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
26–28 February 2007

The changing risk environment: Ideas for a new Australian policy framework for handling risks
July 2006

Environmental, Social, Legal and Ethical Aspects of The Development of Nanotechnologies in Australia
A Report from the National Academies Forum for The National Nanotechnology Strategy Taskforce Prepared by Professor Greg Tegart AM FTSE
April 2006

The social impact of changing water regimes
November 2005

After the tsunami – harnessing Australian expertise for recovery
31 March 2005

Integrated Sustainability Assessment: Identifying the range of options for Australia
November 2004-June 2005

Measuring excellence in research and research training
22 June 2004

National Research Priorities Strategic Forum
26-27 June 2002

Every eight seconds: AIDS revisited
29-30 November 2000

Australia’s information future: Securing the infrastructure for research and innovation
16 August 2000

FIRE! The Australian Experience
1 October 1999

Scholarship, intellectual ownership and the law
15-16 July 1999

Malthus Bicentenary Conference 1998: Malthus and his legacy: 200 years of the population debate
17-18 September 1998

The challenge for Australia on global climate change
29 April 1997

Australians and our changing climate: Past experiences and future destiny
25 November 1996

Mad Cows and modernity: Cross-disciplinary reflections on the crisis of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
May, 1995